RO Installation

RO Installation Services at Your Doorstep! If you are planning to install a new RO system in your house, office or factory then we are here to help you out in appropriate installation of the RO machine. We offer a complete package of commercial, residential & industrial RO installation.

If you have purchased your RO system from an online store or through a dealer, you must need a trained technician who can install it as per guidelines. There are few principles that must be considered while installing the RO water purifiers.

We Offer Professional RO Installation

Our expert executives are integrated with professional RO system guidelines and procedures. Updated machinery is utilized while installing the machines.

We also support relocation of machine from one location to another. Our executives uninstall the machine keeping all associated factors into mind and install them to suited location by following proper principles and procedures. If you have any doubts or queries related to the installation of RO System, you can consult our executives without paying any additional cost.

RO Repair & Service

Regular Servicing

Unfiltered water contains more than 2100 contaminants that need to be filtered in order to get health benefits out of the pure water. Your RO requires regular servicing due to routine wear and tear functions. Our services include Pre and Post filter cleaning services, water motor cleaning, pump and pipes cleaning, etc.

RO Making Noise

If your RO is making noise or your machine starts vibrate the moment you switch it on, probably it is due to the filter dislocation, improper water pressure, reverse osmosis, membranes malfunctioning or improper functionality of inlet valves.

Water Leakage Problem

We offer complete package of RO repair services for leakage issues. There might be improper seating of components, loose fittings, improper insertion of plastic ferrule, damaged O-Ring that is causing leakage in the RO.

RO Power Failure

If your RO is not turning ON properly, the chances are that it needs to be repaired. Generally, RO requires regular servicing, i.e., once in every four month. Our experienced RO technicians provide full RO repair service & solutions within your budget.

Membrane Implant

The age of RO system membrane is fixed and as it grows older, it become obsolete and shows malfunctioning. We offer full membrane replacement services at a very affordable price and provide a stipulated period warranty as well for the installed products.

Less Water Filtration

For less or no water filtration issue, your RO might need to be checked properly to assure no clog exists in the pipes or joints. RO Repair service is offered for damaged membrane, faulty pumps and motors, inadequate water pressure, etc.

Filter Replacement

RO system requires filter replacement every 6 months. With the due course of time the filters become inefficient to filter water in a proper manner. Our RO Solutions’ package includes removal and replacement of filter and any related parts that show malfunctioning.

Improper Filtration

If your RO is not delivering 100% results or producing stinky water with salty or metallic taste, proper service of all integral components is required.

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